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    10 light magnets for a maximum grip!

    Easily trimmable and fully adjustable

    No harm to natural lashes!

  • Magnetic eyelashes by Moonchi represent a new generation of artificial eyelashes. Our new and improved formula of the magnetic eyeliner along with 10 ultralight magnets creates a strong magnetic bond and provides a secure and comfortable grip for up to 24 hours.
  • The application of Moonchi eyelashes is quick and simple and does not require any significant knowledge about artificial eyelashes. The lashes are applied to the eyelid in two steps:
  • Firstly, we apply a line of magnetic eyeliner and let it dry for 30 seconds.
  • Secondly, we grab the eyelash with the applicator and carefully align the magnetic strip with the magnetic line on the eyelid.
  • To remove the eyelashes gently pull on the eyelash to break the bond between the magnetic eyeliner and the magnetic strip. To remove the magnetic eyeliner we strongly recommend an oil-based makeup remover. (Consult our guides for more detailed instructions.)

Why Moonchi Triumphs Over Its Competition

How do I clean my eyelashes?
Eyelashes should be cleaned with a water-based cleanser and dried thoroughly before the next use. You can check out the full guide on eyelash maintenance here.

What are Moonchi eyelashes made of?
Moonchi eyelashes are made of premium synthetic silk. We source materials that are animal and environment-friendly. The ingredients in the eyeliner are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and skin-friendly.

Can Moonchi eyelashes be paired with mascara?
Yes, the eyelashes can be used in combination with mascara. The eyelashes should be thoroughly cleaned afterward, however.

What to do if the eyelashes are too long for my eyelid?
If the eyelashes prove to be too long for you, you can always trim them to fit your eye. You can cut the excess but be sure to leave magnets on both sides.

Can I sleep with Moonchi eyelashes?
Yes, but despite the fact that our eyelashes are one of the lightest on the market and that our eyeliner is very skin-friendly, we would advise against sleeping with them. The same recommendations apply to all make-up products.

Are Moonchi eyelashes waterproof?
Yes. However, we would advise against using them when swimming and diving.

Does magnetic eyeliner come in the package?
Yes, magnetic eyeliner is included in the set.

Will magnetic eyelashes damage my natural eyelashes?
Not at all! Moonchi does not require any glue so the eyelashes are easy to remove without any fear of plucking out your natural eyelashes. None of the ingredients in the eyeliner are free from caustic chemicals that cause discoloration and irritation.

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